Responsible and Grateful Staff —— Zhang Zhili

Zhang Zhili, an ordinary operator of hot rolling, has worked in Luoyang Sinorock Engineering Material Co., Ltd. since 2011. His persistence and efforts have got recognition. Every staff in Sinorock all has got progress. Let’s let close to him and know more about him.

Shell: Can you explain the importance of your job?
Zhang: As you know, our main product is self drilling anchor bolt, and hollow anchor bar is the most important part. I am doing the job of hot rolling, a processing craft of anchor bar. It helps to improve mechanical property of steel, make its structure dense, decrease energy consumption of steel deformation, decrease or eliminate casting flaw.

Shell: So what advantages do you think will bring to customers?
Zhang: As for customers, products’ quality is the most important. We constantly improve our processing crafts to meet their demands. Only we do our best, can productive efficiency be enhanced and customers be satisfied.

Shell: What is your harvest during work and have you ever encountered problems?
Zhang: The biggest harvest for me is that I have learned rich experience of operation procedure of hot rolling, installation and debugging of equipment.
When I encountered difficulties, such as breakdown of machinery and technical questions, my leaders and colleagues would always stand by me and help to overcome them. So it’s proud for me to join in this big family and it gives me warm.

Shell: Responsibility is every staff’s duty. With this responsibility, hope you have greater progress and growth!

Zhang: Thank you!

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