Responsible and Grateful Staff —- Zhang Mingjie

Zhang Mingjie is an ordinary operator of Luoyang Sinorock Engineering Material Co., Ltd.. Through assiduous study, he can operate all equipment in factory. His optimism, enthusiasm and earnest attitude have left deep impression on every people. Zhang Mingjie sets a good example for every staff in Sinorock.

Shell: When did you join Sinorock and what are you responsible for?
Zhang: I joined Sinorock in October, 2013. And I am responsible for one manufacturing procedure of self drilling anchor bolt —— chamfering. It aims to remove burrs during process of production, increase aesthetics, decrease stress concentration, strengthen intensity of axis parts and be benefit for forming die. If other works are short of hands, I will also give a favor.

Shell: What’s your biggest harvest during working?
Zhang: Except professional knowledge and operating skill, my biggest harvest is that I have made real friends in Sinorock. All staffs go along well with each other, just like among families. Especially my master, also my direct leader, gives me guidance, confidence, comfort, encouragement and even the sense of how to be a man.

Shell: What are your goal and hobby?

Zhang: My goal is to work down-to-earth, master more knowledge and create more values for Sinorock, customers and all mankind. I will keep company with Sinorock to walk down. All staffs’ unity will promote Sinorock’s further development. My hobby is to play ping-pong and the skill is not bad.

Shell: Thank you for your cooperation. Hope you become better and better!

Zhang: You are welcome!

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