Earnest and Responsible Staff —- Yang Yongwu

Yang yongwu, an ordinary front-line staff, is a whirlwind milling operator in Luoyang Sinorock Engineering Material Co., Ltd.. Although production task is heavy and temperature in factory is high, he continually improves processing methods and crafts to enhance working efficiency and increase production. Today, let’s know more about him.

Shell: When did you join Sinorock and what are you responsible for?
Yang: I joined Sinorock in June, 2013. And I am responsible for processing accessories of our product —- self drilling anchor bolt. I think we are doing the greatest job in the world. We provide support method and ensure people’s safety.

Shell: Why could you figure out innovative methods during working?
Yang: As for my job, three years’ experience has occupied a lot of ingredients, so I am looking for enthusiasm now. I begin to think deeply what I am doing now. I just summed up experience, analyzed data and put forward more suitable suggestion. I couldn’t image it can increase efficiency.

Shell: What’s your target and expectation for Sinorock®?
Yang: My target is to do my job intently and not let any defective product made from my hand. As for Sinorock, I trust it can develop better under our joint efforts.
I love traveling in my spare time, I’d like to travel outside to see scenery and expand my horizon.

Shell: Innovation, profession, responsibility and efficiency are Sinorock’s core value. If everyone keeps to it, our company will develop better and everyone will achieve own value. Thanks for your earnest and responsibility. Hope you make great progress!

Yang: Thank you!

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