An Optimistic and Responsible Girl ——Lv Penglin

An Optimistic and Responsible Girl —— Lv Penglin

At the end of August, 2015, the Quality Month of Sinorock will be finished. During the three months, our company has carried out many activities about production quality and security, and Lv Penglin was a representative staff.

Shell: When did you join in Sinorock®?

Lv: I entered Sinorock on February 19, 2014. There has been one and a half years for me staying here. At first, I was worried and nervous about the new company. But now, I think I have changed a lot and become optimistic. This change is inseparable with my job and colleagues, they helped me a lot and then I improved myself.

Shell: What are you responsible for?

Lv: I am in the Human Resources department. I am responsible for staffs’ training, performance assessment, staffs’ promotion and company’s culture and activity. The job is mainly to connect with staff, so I should know clearly about my colleagues, it will help me a lot to carry out my job.

Shell: What do you think is your shortcomings and what will you do to change it?

Lv: I think my job is meaningful and full of challenge, the training of new staff is not perfect. I think what I should do is to learn more about HR and try to communicate with strangers comfortably. Another one is about my character. When I encounter difficulties, I usually think it by myself and then I feel it not easy to do my job. I should open my mind to my friends, and learn to talk with them.

Shell: What do you think about our company’s security and fire-fighting system?

Lv: Our company’s security and fire-fighting system is improving constantly, especially after the explosion in Tianjin. Our company checks fire-fighting equipment regularly and carries out activities about fire-fighting. I have faith in Sinorock and myself!

Shell: Thanks for your sharing!

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