An Optimistic and Meticulous Girl —— Cuan Huanhuan

An Optimistic and Meticulous Girl —— Cuan Huanhuan

Cuan Huanhuan, the main character of our interview today, is a common clerk in Sales Management Department of Luoyang Sinorock Engineering Material Co., Ltd.. Through several times’ contact, her optimistic and meticulous character has left me deep impression. Let’s enter her work and life together:

Shell: When did you join Sinorock?

Huanhuan: I joined Sinorock® in March, 2015. Although I came here less than one year, I have known our products well and I can do my daily work skillfully. Sinorock® is a company full of moderate atmosphere and my colleagues are all friendly.

Shell: What are you responsible for?

Huanhuan: I am responsible for the order picking and shipping work. This kind of work includes a series of procedure of goods transportation: arranging goods’ delivery, expert declaration, inland and sea transport, final payment, etc.

Shell: Through your description, I feel your job is trivial. Have you ever thought too boring or too busy?

Huanhuan: Of course I have. Sometimes, there are several orders and goods need to be delivered at the same time, and several documents need to be done. I felt busy at that time. But I will adjust myself, such as recording the sequence of every order, telling myself that do things one by one. Then I feel better.

Shell: You are great! What do you think the biggest harvest you have gained?

Huanhuan: I think I have gained a lot. But the biggest one is the chance of progress. When I encounter a problem during my work, I can improve myself largely after solving it. My ability of solving problem has improved.

Shell: Sometimes I saw you going to factory personally, what did you do?

Huanhuan: I go to factory because I am responsible for the delivery of goods, I should supervise every link during the delivery.

Shell: Wow, you look very careful! I think you are totally competent for your job! Hope you can work smoothly and bring great contribution to Sinorock®! Thank you very much!

Huanhuan: You are welcome! That’s my job and what I should do!

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