The Application of Self Drilling Rock Anchor in Taihang Mountain Tunnel

Taihang Mountain Tunnel is currently the third longest railway tunnel in China. It has two holes and single line in each hole. This tunnel passes through the main peak of Taihang Mountain, 1,311-meter Yuexiao Mountain. The distance between two lines is 35 meters, the maximum burial depth is 445 meters, the up-link is 27,848 meters and down-link is 27,839 meters. It opened to traffic completely at the end of 2007.

The geologic structure of Taihang Mountain Tunnel is complex, it is easy to collapse and deform. During the construction, the method of drilling and blasting was adapted. Because there were several processes working at the same time,self drilling rock anchor played an efficient role.

The features of self drilling rock anchor in Taihang Mountain Tunnel:

1. Self drilling rock anchor can combine drilling, grouting and anchoring together. It is high-efficient, time-saving and easy to operate.

2. Self drilling rock anchor with standard full thread can be cut according to your requirement. The rock anchor can be connected by coupling. It’s suitable in narrow work spaces.

3. After accomplishment of drilling, rock anchor and alloyed bit can stay in the hole, instead of taking out, it is convenient,reliable,economical and practical.

4. After accomplishment of grouting, rock anchor and alloyed bit have the function of reinforcing surrounding rocks by the combination of slurry and surrounding rocks.

Taihang Mountain Tunnel is an important milestone in the history of tunnel construction, it marks that passenger railway line from Shijiazhuang to Taiyuan has won great success.

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