Duplex Coating Rock Bolt


Duplex coating rock bolt is a supporting method with better anti-corrosion effect, which combines hot-dip galvanizing method with epoxy coating method together, which hardens the surface and prevents coating from peeling off.


1. Thick hot-dip galvanizing coating, dense combination, high anti-corrosion and good toughness.
2. Benefits of epoxy coating:
1) High adhesive force to the steel substrate.
2) Excellent physical properties and chemical stability.
3) Excellent toughness and wear resistance.
4) A wide range of temperature adaptability.
5) Fine insulation and resisting anode dissolution.

Technical data:


Category Type Ultimate Tensile Strength Mpa Yield Strength
Hot-dip galvanized zinc
coating thickness(μm)
Epoxy Layer Thickness (μm) Thread
Hot Rolled Ribbed Rebar D25 630 500 ≥70 ≥60 GB/T1499.2-2007 1.Hot-dip galvanizing meets ISO1461
2. Epoxy coating: bending properties meet ISO1519, impact properties meet ASTMD2794, adhesion meet ISO2409:2007
Hollow Bar R25N 730 550 ≥70 ≥60 ISO10208
Hollow Bar R32N 700 580 ≥70 ≥60 ISO10208

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