The Quality Requirements of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt’s Support

The Quality Requirements of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt’s Support

Self drilling anchor bolt is one of supporting methods for projects and it is widely accepted in the world at the present stage. Its supporting quality has direct relation to the stability of projects. So after long-time construction experience, following requirements is necessary for self drilling anchor bolt.

1. Self drilling anchor bolt’s length, separation distance, array pitch, insertion direction and arrangement mode should accord with construction demand.

2. Drill hole site should be confirmed and then adjust direction.

3. After drilling, self drilling anchor bolt should be installed in time according to its design and installation instruction.

4. Hole site, hole depth, hole diameter and accessories should be checked to reach specification.

5. The exposed length of self drilling anchor bolt should meet design requirement.

6. The direction of installation should be vertical with plate. Surface contact between plate and surrounding rocks should be tight and avoid adding extra load on it.

7. Self drilling anchor bolt should not be bent during installation.

8. Inspection work of self drilling anchor bolt’s construction quality should be done.

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