The Knowledge about Self Drilling Anchor

With the development of economy, civil construction is more and more and their quality, security are more important. So strengthening foundation and stabilizing buildings are imperative. During reinforcement and reconstruction of foundation, strengthening foundation method should be chosen according to upper structure and local soil texture condition.

Self drilling anchor bolt is a supporting method , which installing with drill bit at the end of bar, it realizes drilling, grouting and anchoring at the same time. Only one skillful worker can operate.

Self drilling anchor is widely applied in weak and fault fracture zone, high ground stress and big deformation geological conditions. Especially under circumstance of collapse, self drilling anchor can realize supporting effect quickly, then reform stratum, prevent corrosion and reach ideal supporting effect.

Before drilling, grouting and anchoring of self drilling anchor, several factors should be considered when designing:

1. Geological and hydrological conditions at construction region.
2. Security of surrounding structures, such as underground pipes, buildings and public facilities.
3. Overall stability of supporting structures, ground subsidence value and its influence scope.
4. Supporting structure should be overall considered: safe and economical.
5. Combining machine strength to manage and deploy.
6. Geotechnical engineer should cooperate with structural engineer, making design consistent.

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