The Foundation Support in Munwiller Hydropower Station

The Foundation Support in Munwiller Hydropower Station

It’s reported that Munwiller Hydropower Station would try to generate electricity in September this year. So far, it has been finished 80%. It’s predicted that this hydropower station will officially put into use in June, 2017.

Munwiller Hydropower Station is located in Ntem, southern regions of Cameroon, designed generating capacity 200 MW. With good location and increasing electric quantity, it can meet local industrial and civil electricity, and export electricity to Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, which bring positive effect for the construction of power grid in south of Cameroon.

Munwiller Hydropower Station mainly includes the following buildings: barrage, water inlet, open channel, fore bay, auxiliary weir, pressure piping, power plants, tail water channels and witch station, etc.

The rainfall is plenty and rainy day is many in project area. Shallow foundation takes sludge and silty-fine sand as the principal soil body, so foundation support should be carried out to ensure project’s quality and security.

Using construction technology of rock bolt can not only decrease installed workload of equipment, lower cost, but also shorten construction period largely.

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