The First Successful Application of Anchor Technology

The First Successful Application of Anchor Technology in Guangzhou China

Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Building (hereinafter referred to as “Building”) is an expansion project with wholly foreign funds. The construction area is 70774㎡, more than 43 main tower ground floor, 3 floors basement, foundation deepened 12m. The project is located in the east of Haizhu Square, only 80m from the Pearl River, QiaoguangRoad to the west, Huilong Road to the east, the old 8 layer buildings to the north, the power distribution room and other buildings to the south. The construction site is narrow (construction land area: excavation area = 2: 1), complex geological conditions, high water table, tight time schedule, nine months, with many underground obstacles. By plan demonstration and comparison, it adopts the underground wall – bolt support program, which has achieved good economic and social benefits.

According to preliminary estimates, the program saved ¥350,000 than the original steel bolt support program and shortened the construction period of two months. This is the first time that anchor technology is applied in Guangzhou area. Thus, we can explore and sum up a set of effective measures, and it has a greater significance to apply Sinorock® self drilling rock anchor technology in coastal areas .

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