The Development Course and Current Situation of Anchor Bolt Supporting Technology

The Development Course and Current Situation of Anchor Bolt Supporting Technology

So far, anchor bolt supporting technology has more than 100-year history since it was firstly applied for slope stabilization in outdoor shale mine in North Wales, England, 1872 and firstly applied for roadway support in Selez mining in Germany, 1912. From the 1950s, China began to introduce anchor bolt supporting technology and nowadays, it has got promotion and application broadly. In some mining areas, the proportion of anchor bolt support can reach to over ninety percent, some even achieve one hundred percent, which brings good technical and economic benefit. As one of technologies in underground project construction, the core function of anchor bolt supporting technology is to reinforce the wall of underground project and keep structure stable and security by using the anchorage force of soil and rock, preventing the occurrence of problems, such as collapse, slippage and deformation, etc.

At the moment, there are a dozen varieties of anchor bolt, such as: slot and wedge anchor bolt, expansion shell anchor bolt, invert sphenoid bolt, mortar bolt, friction anchor bolt, resin bolt, cement anchor bolt, fiberglass anchor bolt, prestress grouting anchor cable, combination anchor bolt and self drilling anchor bolt, etc.

Because of the differences of anchor bolts’ structure, the discrepancies of functional mechanism are big. Many projects at home and abroad have proved that different anchor bolts have different supporting effect in different geological conditions. Reasonable supporting design and detailed monitoring analysis can not only ensure project’s security and reliability, but also bring economic and social benefit.

Self drilling anchor bolt, as a new anchoring product, has a broad application in construction projects, such as: roadway, railway, hydroelectric station, bridge, mining and tunneling, etc. They all give full play to the functions of self drilling anchor bolt: high-speed, high-efficient, safe and easy to operate.

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