The Design of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

The Design of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

Self drilling anchor bolt is a hollow, thick-walled seamless steel pipe, with standard continuous thread on its surface. It consists of self drilling hollow anchor bar, plate, nut, coupling and drill bit, anchor bar can be cut and lengthened as requirements. With functions of drilling, grouting and anchoring, it can be widely used in broken stratum, sandy gravel, high water-bearing strata, especially for slope supporting in narrow deep foundation pit, without casing, economical and high-efficiency.

The design of self drilling anchor bolt’s anchorage body depends on self-structure’s particularity: anchorage body consists of self drilling hollow bar and grouting body, its size depends on designed anchorage.

When self drilling anchor bolt is applied for reinforcing slope, pulling test should be carried out. Then basing on pulling resistance, length test and diameter of anchorage segment, figuring out bonding strength and shearing strength among grouting body, self drilling anchor bar and surrounding soil body.

To make design and construction of self drilling anchor bolt reach to requirement of advanced technology, economy and high-quality, supporting parameters should be confirmed: anchorage force, self drilling anchor bolt’s length and diameter, separation distance and array pitch.

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