The Construction Characteristics of Sinorock® Self Drilling Anchor in the Process of Slope Support in Hydropower

In the process of slope support in hydropower station construction , due to the impact of complex geological factors, it is very difficult to drill hole by using ordinary mortar anchor and is very likely to slow down the works programme .Studies show, using self drilling anchor can solve the difficulties and achieve good results.

The following is construction characteristics of Sinorock® Self Drilling Anchor in slope support:

1. Sinorock® Self Drilling Anchor has big strength itself and is not easy to change direction during drilling, so there is no need to use a casing.
2. Sinorock® Self Drilling Anchor will be drilling, grouting and anchoring in a process, which simplifies and speeds the construction process, saving about 25% workload, reducing the labor intensity of the operator.
3. Sinorock® Self Drilling Anchor is with extended features. Couplers can elongate the anchor bars if needed, so it is convenient to work in narrow space.
4. Sinorock® Self Drilling Anchor has standard full thread and can be cut according to your requirement.
5. Under the same load, Sinorock® Self Drilling Anchor has a greater shearing resistance than solid anchor.

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