Taking Mirny Diamond Mine As An Example480

The Application of Sinorock® Self Drilling Rock Anchor in Micropile Foundations —— Taking Mirny Diamond Mine As An Example

One of the most challenging mining projects in the world was Mirny diamond mine in Russia. The development started in 1957, in extremely harsh climate conditions. During the 7 month-long winter engineers found that steel tools became so brittle that they broke like match sticks, oil froze into solid blocks, rubber tires shattered like fragile crockery, and in summer the top layer of permafrost melted into a swamp of uncontrollable mud. Despite this, engineers turned Mirny into an open-pit mine. At its operational peak the mine produced over 10 million carats of diamonds.

Sinorock® self drilling rock anchor usually has two types in the field of deep foundation pit:

① Temporary micro piles: Micro piles with a service life of up to 2 years.
② Permanent micro piles: Micro piles with a service life of up to 50 years dependent on the ground conditions and including sacrificial corrosion for the time-dependent corrosion behavior.

The Micro pile system comprises of the following nail types:

Dimension Micropile types
R32 R32L, R32N and R32S
R38 R38N
R51 R51L and R51N
T76 T76N and T76S
T111 T111L and T111N

Based on extreme geological conditions like Mirny diamond mine, Sinorock® self drilling rock anchors (nails and micropiles) are also produced with hot-dip galvanized coating in order to reduce the corrosion rate, which can make strong adhesion between zinc oxide diaphragm and products’ surface and apply for the reinforcement in special conditions.

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