The Application of Sinorock® Hollow Anchor Bolt in Micropiles

The Application of Sinorock® Hollow Anchor Bolt in Micropiles

Sinorock® hollow anchor bolt is a part of Sinorock® anchor bolt system,which consists of rock anchor, plate, nut, coupling, drill bit and centralizer. It is widely used in the field of micropiles.

In complex geological conditions, such as soft soil and high groundwater table areas, it is easy to happen slippage of soil body, instability of deep foundation, deflection of pile body, severe leakage and damage, which will cause great threat for security. Under the circumstances, we can use Sinorock® hollow anchor bolt as a kind of micropiles to control and firm them.

Sinorock® hollow anchor bolt provides lateral or vertical force to resist movement of a retaining structure. Hollow anchor bolts are often used for excavation support, or as a part of permanent retaining walls, or to resist up-lift forces on foundations. Construction companies often use hollow anchor bolt to stabilize slopes and walls, provide tiebacks for bridges, stabilize dams, and secure caisson bottoms etc.

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