The Application of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt in Diversion Construction of Hydroelectric Station

The Application of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt in Diversion Construction of Hydroelectric Station

The geological conditions of diversion tunnels are complex, underground water is rich and rock stratum is broken. Once adopting common anchor bolt, it will cause frequent sticking, which makes work efficiency low and brings great influence for construction progress. Then project’s quality can not be guaranteed. So self drilling anchor bolt is recommended.

During the construction of underground projects, especially under circumstances of collapse and terrible accidents, self drilling anchor bolt can combine drilling, grouting and anchoring together with the functions of pre-support, radial-support and slope treatment, which will improve condition of surrounding rocks and reach to ideal supporting effect.

The advantages of self drilling anchor bolt are as following:

1. It combines drill bar with hollow anchor bar. Hollow anchor bar can bear bigger shear force and resistance, so it can stand bigger load.

2. It is convenient and time-saving. Self drilling anchor bolt can be used for drilling and grouting, which decreases the procedure of retaining wall.

3. It can inject cement mortar into drill holes or cracks effectively, which increases self drilling anchor bar’s frictional resistance.

4. It can be inserted to designed depth with specialized couplings, which can be lengthened when drilling holes.

5. Specialized stop-grouting plug can block holes and don’t overflow slurry when grouting. Spiral channel can be formed on the surface of anchor bar, which can realize air elimination and grouting dense.

In a word, self drilling anchor bolt plays an important role in diversion construction of hydroelectric station. It quickens construction progress, ensures project’s quality and achieves good economic and social benefit. So, self drilling anchor bolt is a quite effective and safe anchoring method for difficult and complex conditions.

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