The Application Notices of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

The Application Notices of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

Self drilling anchor bolt is a new method for supporting projects, it has advantages especially in processing deformation of tunnel, hydroelectric station, mine and civil construction. Once deformation appears, it maybe causes collapse and even unimaginable dangers. So during application, there are several tips should be noticed.

1. To prevent drilling influencing on primary support, temporary support should be installed before drilling.

2. Before drilling holes, marks should be arranged on initial surface by red paint and after drilling, the cleaning of holes should be done immediately.

3. Stop-grouting plug should be installed at orifice of hole and rubber ring should match with diameter of self drilling anchor bar.

4. When the seepage water is too much, drilling hole to divert water firstly and then plugging cracks by cotton yarn and wooden wedge.

5. The speed of drilling should be controlled and kept uniform, especially when encountering stratum with mud or sand, avoiding clip-drill phenomenon.

6. During the process of grouting, grout leaking phenomenon should be checked timely at orifice and positions with thin cover.If it occurs, grouting should be stopped at once or adopting batch-grouting method.

During the construction of self drilling anchor bolt, every link should be checked carefully, otherwise, it will cause resources waste, cost increase, delivery date postpone and even security accident.

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