Support Effect of Self Drilling Anchor in Infrastructure Projects

Support Effect of Self Drilling Anchor in Infrastructure Projects

Self drilling anchor is a kind of hollow anchor bolts, can be used as drill bar and also grouting pipe. Seriflux, going through hollow anchor bar and ejecting from drill bit, fills cracks and drill holes in surrounding stratum, which makes Self drilling anchor integrate with surrounding soil body and then haves reinforcement effect.

So Self drilling anchor is a new supporting technology combining functions of drilling, grouting and anchoring together.

Self drilling anchor also has character of lengthening. So short anchor bar can use small drill machine at narrow environment. Without casing pipe, self drilling anchor is suitable for hole collapse stratum to reinforce existing structure. Nowadays, self drilling anchor is widely used in infrastructure projects, such as slope support of hydropower station and railway tunnel support.

It’s reported on July 26 that infrastructure projects in Cameroon would be invested.

Song Mbengué Hydropower Project is located at Littoral District, Cameroon. This hydropower project’s designed generating capacity is 1000 MW, basically equaling to nationwide generating capacity (about 1200MW).

Except Song Mbengué Hydropower Project, highway and railway projects are developing in Cameroon now. These projects include Edéa-Kribi highway, II phrase of Yaoundé-Douala highway, Douala-Ngaoundere railway, Douala-Limbe railway and Cameroon-Chad railway extension, etc.

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