Stockholm Subway —— The World's Longest Art Museum

Stockholm Subway —— The World’s Longest Art Museum

The Stockholm metro is well known for its decoration of the stations; it can be said to be the longest art gallery in the world with a total length of 108 km. People can enjoy different works of art in more than one hundred subway station. Several of the stations (especially on the Blue Line) are left with the bedrock exposed, crude and unfinished, or as part of the decorations.

Stockholm residents are proud of their subway stations, which looks like a subterranean cave and is well-designed work of art. The color of Akalla station is relatively simple while the platform of Solna Centrum Station is red-hot cave roof. At Rissne, an informative wall fresco about the history of Earth’s civilizations runs along both sides of the platform. And the most beautiful one is T-Centralen full of bright dark blue, whose railway and platform are built from the natural rock. With painted blue giant leaf on blue and white walls, it looks like vegetation or skeleton. Added the special lighting effects, make us feel like in the original caves showing us a feast of color. By the way, Sinorock® hollow anchor bolt is the most economical solution for the reinforcement of the tunnel circumference, a good helper for such a beautiful underground world.

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