South Korea Plans Smart Highways by 2020

South Korea Plans Smart Highways by 2020

South Korea has announced plans to build a network of smart expressways adapted to electric vehicles and self-driven cars in the next three years (2020) to limit traffic congestion and pollution.

South Korea intends to add a further 1,000km of highways to the country’s overall network. Once the new highways are open to traffic South Korea will have a total highway network in excess of 5,100km. The aim of this program is to boost access to highways for the country’s citizens so that 96% of the population will be within a 30 minute drive of a highway. The new links should be complete by 2020 and the plan will also help tackle congestion on sections of highway currently prone to traffic delays.

The new smart highways will feature modern drive through tolling technology as well as having the capabilities required to handle unmanned vehicles. The new highways will also have sufficient charging facilities to allow electric vehicles to make long distance journeys across the country.

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