Self Drilling Rock Anchor for Zhengyang Tunnel

Self Drilling Rock Anchor for Zhengyang Tunnel

Zhengyang left line tunnel is an extra long tunnel on the highway from Chongqing to Changsha. The total length is 3600m.

The mountain clastic sedimentary rock of tunnel site is mainly shale formations across the water. Some surface valleys have streams and the groundwater is mainly weathered zone fissure water in mesh. After the excavation of tunnel, the tunnel became the drainage area of the fissure water. Especially during the rainy season, plenty of the fissure water penetrated into the tunnel and the local may occurred strand flow. The groundwater flowed into the rock interior along the fissures, causing the muddy clastic rock softening and disintegrating in the lithologic contacting belt, which had a great influence on the stability of surrounding rock.

The initial design of Zhengyang tunnel was 40m long pipe shed. But because the soil was too loose in the part of the construction process, it was still unable to form a hole even though adding a protection casing in the construction. In the end, the design had to be changed to self drilling rock anchor.

Self drilling rock anchor is a kind of anchor which merges drilling, installing, grouting, and anchoring into one. It is reliable, efficient and convenient. Self drilling rock anchor adapts to different field operations, engineering geological conditions and requirements in accordance with the perfect supporting system, so the anchoring effect in a variety of complex formations can be guaranteed. Self drilling anchor system is an open system, which can be easily used in conjunction with other supporting systems and methods to meet the requirements of different rocks and soil engineering support.

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