Self Drilling Anchor Bolt for Highway Tunnel Construction

Self Drilling Anchor Bolt for Highway Tunnel Construction

In the design and construction of highway and railway tunnel, self drilling anchor bolt is often used for the support and reinforcement of surrounding rocks.

After the excavation of the underground cavern by blasting or other means, the force condition of the surrounding rock is changed. The surrounding rock will be deformed, causing loose rock mass within certain range, which formed loose circle. For the underground cavern, the self-stability of rocks within loose circle is very poor and even no self-stability, so it will have a negative impact on the lining structure of the cavern. In order to protect the cavern condition to achieve the function of its own, self drilling anchor bolt is usually used to reinforce the loose circle to increase its self-stability.

In order to ensure the construction safety and quality, self drilling anchor bolt is largely applied to the side wall and arch part of the tunnel excavation project. Self drilling anchor bolt can farthest ensure the grouting efficiency, completely solve the defects of traditional bolts. In the excavation process of Dongyangguan tunnel of Changhan highway, a large number of self drilling anchor bolts were used for supporting surrounding rocks and received good effect. It not only ensured the quality of the project, but also ensured the construction period of the tunnel.

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