Self Drilling Anchor Bar in Slope Reinforcement Project

Self Drilling Anchor Bar in Slope Reinforcement Project

In recent years, geotechnical anchoring technology has aroused more and more attention and become the main technical measure for foundation pit wall, slope reinforcement and landslide treatment. Based on the experience gained in the slope reinforcement projects, self drilling anchor bar is reliable for the poor geological conditions of the high slope of highway and the slope support of deep foundation pit, which can not only accelerate construction speed, ensure construction safety, and meanwhile reduce construction cost obviously.

The slope stability project of Nanning International Conference and Exhibition Center in Guangxi province is the key project of the exhibition center. The geological condition was poor, most of which are soft sand and weathered strata so as to be hard to form hole with the common rock drill. Although formed, the hole is easy to collapse after a period of time, resulting in difficulty or impossibility for putting cable bolt. Based on the actual site condition and combined with the experience gained in the slope stability control, the final plan for this sloe stability project is to use self drilling anchor bar with the same anchoring force instead of cable bolt in the poor geotechnical conditions.

Self drilling anchor bar integrates drilling, grouting and anchoring as a whole. The anchor bar can be used as an drill rod, grouting pipe and source of anchoring force. The use of self drilling anchor bar in place of the traditional rock bolt in the poor geological conditions of slope reinforcement projects will obviously speed up construction progress and save project cost. Moreover, self drilling anchor bar has successfully solved the problems of hole collapse encountered in the sand layer and weathered strata, and drilling difficulties of rock bolt and cable bolt. The feature of timely grouting from the bottom to the mouth of the hole has ensured the grouting quality. Because of its unique construction technology and lots of advantages, self drilling anchor bar is well worth popularizing and applying.

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