Rogun Hydropower Plant

Rogun Hydropower Plant

Rogun Hydropower Plant is being constructed on the upper reaches of the Vakhsh River in the Pamir mountain ranges, Republic of Tajikistan. The 3,600MW power plant will have an output capacity of 13.1bn kWh, accounting for half of the country’s electrical installed capacity.

Rogun Hydropower Plant will have a crest elevation of 1,300m above sea level (masl) and measure 335m-high. It will become the world’s tallest dam, breaking the record of the 300m-high Nurek dam. The dam is designed for an operational life of 115 years.

The hydropower plant will be equipped with six radiaxial hydraulic turbines with a capacity of 600MW each. The power house will be approximately 21m-wide, 69m-high and 220m-long and will be situated in a cavern constructed of sandstone and siltstone.

Self-drilling hollow anchor bar is being increasingly used for hydropower plant and dam built projects. In terms of the geological condition of this power house, both the sandstone and siltstone are easy to be weathered. Then it’ll be difficult to make holes in the weathered rock. Self-drilling hollow anchor bar has a great advantage over other anchoring systems under the conditions of weathered rock, fracture zones, loose soil and backfill ground. It can effectively solve the problems of hole collapse and drilling holes because of the integration of drilling, grouting and anchoring as a whole. Meanwhile, the application of self-drilling hollow anchor bar can guarantee the construction quality and has great social benefit.

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