Quality and Security in Great Hydroelectric Projects

Quality and Security in Great Hydroelectric Projects

With the implement of 27 great hydroelectric projects, a large scale of projects construction is expanding widely in China. The demand of great hydroelectric projects is higher, the construction time is limit, so constructors should not only quicken the speed, but also ensure quality and security of projects. Scientific and effective methods are constantly raised and applied in the construction of projects, of which, self drilling anchor bolt plays a quite important role

Self drilling anchor bolt is the most widely used supporting method in the world recent years. It overcomes the disadvantages of common anchor bolts, combines drilling, grouting and anchoring together, time-saving, labor-saving and high-efficiency. Self drilling anchor bolt is mostly applied in complicated geological conditions, it can make projects stabler and have a longer life.

The followings are the application of self drilling anchor bolt in Chinese hydroelectric projects.

The project of flood diversion areas of Huaihe River was opened to operate in November, 2014, total investment is 5.4 billion yuan. Constructors have controlled quality from the sources to enhance security of project, such as raw materials, machines, equipment, supporting method and monitoring system and so on. Compared with previous supporting method, self drilling anchor bolt has provided better quality support and greater security guarantee.

To control flood and increase electricity generation, the expansion project of Centianhe Reservoir was constructed in Hunan Province. There are several disadvantages of this project: steep and high slope, lots of caves, complex geological condition, narrow space for operating, etc. Project emphasized design basis, introduced technology of digital control, adopted new materials with impermeable function and support method of self drilling anchor bolt to improve the quality.

Hanjiang-to-Weihe River Project in Shaanxi Province includes two aspects: diversion and delivery. The tunnel of water delivery in Qinling Mountain is 98.3-kilometers long and the deepest depth is 2012 meters, which is quite difficult to construct. Facing with so difficult project and geological disasters: torrential flood and debris flow, besides building emergency shelter caves, advanced equipment also be introduced. Self drilling anchor bolt, as an supporting method, has played a quite important role to provide effective support guarantee for the safety of project.

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