Power Demand And Hydropower Stations in Cameroon

Power Demand And Hydropower Stations in Cameroon

Water power resources in Cameroon are rich, they have transmitted clean energy to Cameroon continually and generating capacity is 72% in gross generation. Electric power is necessary in daily life, so water and electricity are ready to be exploited.

Local government took full advantages of this superiority and constructed several hydropower stations. While power demand in Cameroon is high and north, south are both overwhelmed. Take north for example, Lagdo Hydropower station with 72MW installed capacity was difficult to meet electricity utilization of surrounding cities. At moment, total installed capacity is 1327MW, while power demand is 3000MW. So, there still exist power deficit and 8% growth rate every year.

Above data all explain the necessity of increasing power supply in Cameroon. To realize 2035 long-range planning and become emerging country, Cameroon should firstly overcome power supply problem and provide guarantee for economy development.

Only Sanaga River can provide 6000MW electricity power. Lom pangar Hydropower station will be finished to adjust flow and there are 6 others will be constructed on Sanaga River.

Besides Sanaga River, other rivers in Cameroon have the same conditions to construct 5-10MW small hydropower stations. They will not only meet local electricity demand, but also meet surrounding countries’ electricity demand.

Hydropower station is integrated engineering facility, having close relationship with people’s production and living, the effect is obvious. Except scale and generation capacity, safety protection is equal important. As for foundation reinforcement, slope protection and spillway tunnel support, self drilling anchor bolt is frequently-used method at the present stage, which is low cost, high efficiency, high speed and security.

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