Nagpur Metro Rail Project

Nagpur Metro Rail Project

Nagpur Metro is a new mass rapid transport system (MRTS) under development in Nagpur, the capital city of Maharashtra state, India. The MRTS will cover a total length of 38.21km and is estimated to cost $1.4bn.

The Nagpur Metro will encompass two alignments, which include the north-south corridor and the east-west corridor. The North-South corridor will originate at Automotive Square in the north and terminate at MIHAN in the south, whereas the east-west corridor will connect Prajapati Nagar on the eastern part of the city with Lokmanya Nagar in the western part of the city. The two routes will be served by 36 stations in total.

The public transportation system in Nagpur currently caters to just 10% of commuters. Motorised transport is dominated by two-wheeler (28%) and other vehicles, causing pollution as well as traffic congestion on roads. The city thus needs a safe, reliable, cost-efficient, commuter-friendly and pollution-free rapid public transport system to resolve these issues.

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