Micropile Support

As a special reinforcement pattern, micropile is widespread in application of foundation pit support. Now, it is often used as assistant reinforcement body and slope-protection pile supporting structure in some special environment.

Micropile refers to cast-in-place pile with less than 400mm diameter and more than 30 slender proportion, adopting construction technology of drilling, strong reinforcement and pressure grouting.

Its main features are as following: construction equipment is small, suitable for narrow construction operating areas; construction vibration and noise is small, suitable for downtown; slender proportion is big, material consumption is little; adopting twice grouting process, bearing capacity is higher compared with same volume cast-in-place pile.

At present, micropile has applied in old buildings reform, ancient buildings reinforce, flood control dam support, construction quake-proof, tank bottom anti-floating and iron tower foundation support, which has brought great social and economic benefit.

As main supporting method, during construction preparation, design of micropile should meet the requirement, mechanical equipment should be checked to ensure operation normally. During construction process, drilling machines should be guaranteed in position, then drilling and grouting, which aims to keep permanent support and engineering security.

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