Metro construction

Large-Diameter Self Drilling Anchor Bolt in Metro Open Cut Pit

With restraint of section form, surrounding environment and geological condition, urban metro stations mostly adopt open cut pit to construction.

Maintenance structure generally adopts sheet-pile wall, sheet-pile brace and sheet-pile anchorage. During construction, sheet-pile anchorage has fast speed, definite stressing, good support effect, economic cost and little influence on later construction, so it is widely applied and developed.

With increasing of excavation depth and complexity of surrounding environment, to meet demands of construction, length and diameter of self drilling anchor bolt also need to be increased.

Sheet-pile anchorage adopted in foundation pit mainly focuses on 4 aspects:
1. At stressing aspect, it mainly utilizes high-strength, strong-stiffness and big-shearing advantages of pile and large-diameter self drilling anchor bolt.
2. Large-diameter self drilling anchor bolt has good supporting effect. It can also save materials, be simple and fast to construct and be benefit for mechanized operation.
3. Large-diameter self drilling anchor bolt can effectively solve problem of difficult to form holes in weak stratum.
4. It provides bigger space for inner construction of foundation pit, avoiding security risk and ensuring stability during construction.

Under the premise of saving construction costs, large-diameter self drilling anchor bolt in metro open cut pit reduces construction risk and ensures project’s duration.

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