Delhi Metro Construction in India

Delhi Metro Construction in India

Delhi is the third largest city in India, located at plain in north of India. As many cities in the world, during urban expansion, population in Delhi is increasing year by year and at the same time, it produces many problems, such as:

environmental pollution, traffic jam and resources shortage. So plan and construction of city rail rapid transit become a big task for development.

Since India was independent in 1947, the biggest urban infrastructure is to build Delhi Metro.

Delhi Metro is an urban rail transport system with high volume, serving for Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. Overall length is about 189 kilometers and there are about 160 stations.

It includes elevated track, ground track and underground track. Stratum is mainly clay stratum covering on silt and sand layer.
India metro construction pays attention to introducing advanced technology and fund support from foreign countries.

In engineering construction and support aspect, self drilling bolt has played an important role, which combines drilling, grouting and anchoring together. By grouting, it bonds to surrounding soil body tightly. Through the whole process, self drilling bolt can save construction time, improve working efficiency, ensure engineering quality and guarantee people’s security.

Although the overall level of India railway and highway construction is not high, metro in some cities is quite advanced, which showing the other side of Indian modernization.

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