Construction Advantages of Self Drilling Bolt

Construction Advantages of Self Drilling Bolt

Construction process of self drilling bolt is: drill hole, connect grouting machine, grout, install plate and nut.

After self drilling bolt drilling holes, self drilling bar needn’t to be pulled out. Its special structure makes it combine functions of self drilling bolt and grouting pipe together: it is grouting pipe when grouting; and it is self drilling bolt when slurry is congealed. Compared with traditional common anchor bolt, its features and advantages are as following:

1. Hollow bar design makes self drilling bolt realize function of grouting pipe, avoiding slurry running off when pulling out grouting pipe.

2. Grouting is full, which can realize pressure grouting and improve engineering quality.

3. Based on functions of several accessories, centrality of self drilling bolt is good. Slurry can wrap overall length of self drilling bolt, ignore corrosion and then reach long-term support.

4. Self drilling bolt is installed conveniently. Don’t process thread on the spot, plate and nut can be installed.

5. Combining with assorted specialized grouting pump and technology, it is the only anchoring system to solve problems of traditional anchoring support.

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