Tunnel in Switzerland

Bözberg Tunnel in Switzerland

On March 9, 2016, the FFS officially began to work on the new Bözberg tunnel. The Bözberg Tunnel is a motorway tunnel in Switzerland, and forms part of the A3 motorway from Basel to Sargans.

It is a 2.7 km-long, double-track and 4m compatible and runs between Effingen and Schinznach-Dorf in the Canton of Aargau. Preparatory works started in October of 2015 and the main excavation will begin in the autumn of this year. A 12.36m diameter TBM will be used from Schinznach to Effingen which is the north portal.

The first trains are scheduled to start on their routes and used the new Bözberg tunnel from the end of 2020. In 2022, the current tunnel will be converted to a service and rescue tunnel.

Parliament approved a loan of EUR 647,55 million for the construction of the 4 m corridor on the Gotthard axis, involving the upgrading of 12 tunnels. EUR 319,21 million of this will be used for the construction of the new Bözberg tunnel.

Based on high and steep terrain of Switzerland, there are many hills and rivers, so, construction projects are very difficult and complex. While self drilling anchor bolt is a new supporting method, combining drilling, grouting and anchoring together. With different drill bits, self drilling anchor bolt can adapt for different geological conditions and have effective supporting effect.

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