self drilling anchor

Application of Self-Drilling Anchor on Coal Gangue Slope Treatment

In the reinforcement of coal gangue slope treatment, it is difficult for hole and construction with traditional method, self-drilling anchor method was adopted, Slope stability safety factor was calculated with slope stability analysis software under coal gangue slope and self-drilled anchor reinforcement coal gangue slope.

As a new construction technology, self-drilling hollow anchor bar has been gradually promoted and applied in the slope reinforcement engineering in recent years. Integrating drilling, grouting and anchoring, it is an advanced anchoring system and overcomes easy-to-hole collapse and hard-to-pore-forming problems in the anchor bar construction in extremely loose and broken soil-rock mass. Combined with successful comprehensive application of network-attached grouting, drain hole and various support measures, the grouting effects under complicated geological conditions can be guaranteed.

Sinorock Self drilling anchor is a supporting method with good effect. At deformation stage, full grouting can fill stratum cracks sufficiently to prevent further failure.

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