Application of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt as Soil Nail

Application of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt as Soil Nail

Landslide is a common natural disaster which takes place around the world. They have claimed many human lives and much damage has occurred from different types of landslides. Through the last couple of decades, different kinds of landslide preventive measures have been developed for reducing these hazards. Each preventive measure involves a unique technique and application benefit. One of the most common slope stabilization methods is soil nailing.

The soil nail application has been developed in the last 30 years. This method is growing rapidly and becoming more popular due to its advantages. Use of the soil nail method for reinforcing unstable slopes is one of the most favorable solutions in geotechnical engineering practice. Thus, there would be a lot of benefit for future use which would be associated with the development of the soil nail application for slope stabilization.

Self drilling anchor bolt can replace the traditional ribbed bar as soil nail, mainly used in the slopes of foundation pit, highway and railway, tunnel portal, hydropower station and other engineering support. Self drilling anchor bolt as soil nail is one of the methods used for stabilizing medium size slopes. Enhancing public education for the landslide hazard is the most desirable way to prevent human loss and property damage in high landslide risk areas.

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