self drilling anchor bar

Analysis of Self Drilling Anchor Bar’s Safety Factors

Two safety factors should be considered during self drilling anchor bar’s design: safety factor for anchorage body design and safety factor for sectional dimensional design.

Safety factor for anchorage body design should consider uncertain factors and degree of risk in self drilling anchor bar’s design, such as, variation of rock and soil layer distribution, reliability of construction technology, durability of materials and demands of surroundings. The value of self drilling anchor bar’s safety factor depends on the length of service life and effect degree after destruction.

Through analysis of self drilling anchor bar’s supporting mechanism, one conclusion has been come to: self drilling anchor bar’s supporting technology is completely in conformity with rock mechanics theories and surrounding rock control theory, self drilling anchor bar is one form of active support.

Self drilling anchor bar’s support is using inner hard structures of surrounding rock to reinforce outer rock mass, which forms relative stable supporting structure. It effectively enhances stability of surrounding rock of roadway and simplify maintenance of roadway support.

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