Advantages of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

Advantages of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

Self drilling anchor bolt is a kind of construction technology with drilling, grouting and anchoring together. Nut and plate at external port can effectively prevent overflow of slurry, ensure grout saturation between hollow bar and hole wall, which can also transfer shearing strength and tensile stress along overall length and then rock mass will be reinforced. If necessary, pressure slip casting method is used to make slurry penetrate and diffuse into cracks of surrounding rocks and it will make rock mass get further reinforced.

After slurry solidifying, nut will be screwed up by torque wrench, which will provide resisting power at the end of self drilling anchor bolt and form spherical pressure area, then it will control initial deformation after excavation and prevent broken rock from falling.

Screwing up nut or tension device can also improve shearing strength of weak structural surface and potential slippage surface. If self drilling anchor bolts are arrayed at certain distance, it can form pressure stress belt and enhance stability of tunnel or slope project.

In weak and broken stratum, self drilling anchor bolt can be lengthened by coupler, which will turn the situation that self drilling bolt couldn’t be installed in adverse stratum or length couldn’t meet designed requirement.

Self drilling anchor bolt can not only ensure grouting satiation in cracks, but also make hollow bar mediate in anchor hole, require even thickness of protective layer and improve self drilling bolt’s durability largely.

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