Advantages of Hollow Injection Anchor

Advantages of Hollow Injection Anchor

1. Low cost.

Compared with traditional supporting technologies, hollow injection anchor effectively decreases input and transport of supporting materials, then reduces materials’ cost.

Because hollow injection anchor penetrates into surrounding rock body, tunnel cross-section doesn’t need to be taken up, at design, it can decrease cross-sectional area, which will save excavation cost.

The stability of hollow injection anchor supporting is good, it can decrease amount of maintenance and then reduce cost of maintenance.

2. Rapid supporting function.

Compared with traditional supporting patterns, hollow injection anchor has small amount of materials and light weight, which can fasten transport speed and improve excavation efficiency.

During excavation, application of hollow injection anchor can reduce workers’ labor intensity, decrease operation procedure and improve working efficiency.

Hollow injection anchor combines drilling, grouting and anchoring together, construction procedure is simple. It can realize rapid surrounding rock support.

3. Good supporting effect.

Through analysis of hollow injection anchor supporting mechanism, hollow injection anchor belongs to active support. Using rock bodies’ self-supporting capacity to form stable structures, which can improve stability of integrity.

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