quality month activities

The Mobilization Meeting of Sinorock®’s Quality-Month Activity

In order to strictly close the quality and build the brand image of the company, Sinorock takes the June – August as the quality month of the company, during which the related quality month activities will be carried out.

June 5th this year, Sinorock Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. in Luoyang factory and Changzhou company held a quality month mobilization meeting. Theme of this year’s conference: focus – improvement – promotion.

Quality month mobilization meeting, the leadership of the company and the Department head made the propaganda speech, all staff made the activities vow and the signing ceremony was held, to improve the quality of knowledge, focus on quality of work, the solemn commitment to the quality of products. Finally, we made the whole staff refuelling ceremony and group photo. The whole mobilization meeting is solemn and interesting, warm and full of vigor.

“Speak with facts and data, open up the market by quality,” “Quality leads the new norm, build the brand dream in Sinorock “, the two banners in mobilization meeting written is not just a slogan, and it is also the determination and attitude of Sinorock team to improve the quality of products and the quality of work. The entire staff of Sinorock are full of spirit, positive work attitude, in-depth quality process, strive to be the first person of quality, build brand dream in Sinorock!

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