The First New Staff Symposium

The First New Staff Symposium of Sinorock®

Congratulations on the success of the first new staff symposium of Sinorock®! With the continuous expansion of the company, more and more people have joined the family of Sinorock®. It was opened on April 28 at office area in Sinorock®, one sunny and relaxing afternoon, we provided fruit, dessert and snacks during the symposium to welcome the new staff. In order to increase the sense of recognition of new employees, we stepped into the staff, understood the needs and thoughts of new employees, to achieve a harmonious and win-win relationship. This symposium is aimed at the new staff who joined company for less than a year. During the symposium, every staff showed their personal dream, expressed their concern about the company, besides they also spoken their problems about company during the work.

Sinorock® is an experienced manufacturer of anchoring products. It’s specialized in the development, production and sales of anchoring products. This symposium enhanced the recognition of cultural identity of Sinorock®, which will be great benefit to the future work.

Contact us now if you have any questions about our company and products. Any of your inquiry and suggestion will be highly appreciated. We will retain your information completely private.

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