Tea Art and Wine Training in Sinorock

Tea Art and Wine Training in Sinorock

Tea and wine tasting is a common thing in daily life, also a pleasant thing during communicating with others, which contains a kind of atmosphere, emotional appeal, spirit realm and culture. Essence is given by nature and at the same time, they make you get closer with nature.

To feel culture edification, on May 7, Sinorock invited professional tea art specialist and wine trainer to give us a lecture about relevant knowledge of tea and wine. Living habit, variety, region characteristic, wine glass and tea set, etiquette, preserve and taste, etc., we had a clear acquaintance. Based on different fermentation methods, their color, aroma, taste and shape have diversities.

Since ancient, China is a land of courtesy, and now, etiquette is even more important. Professional attainment reflects in every detail. We believe that Sinorock’s every change and progress will bring you different feeling. We cordially invite you to come to China and feel Sinorock’s culture

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