Sinorock®’s staff promotion ceremony —— Grow and win-win,towards excellence

On August 23rd, the staff promotion ceremony of Sinorock was successfully held in Luoyang administrative area. The ceremony was mainly promotion and awards for six excellent employees. The TV screen showed respectively the development trajectories of zhang Xiaoyue, Wei Jingru, zhang Weihao, Xiao Zhiguang, zhang Lina and Xu Jianfen. There are the talented woman and the company “goalkeeper” who is strict with himself between them. They relied on their efforts and sweat gained the company’s approval. Subsequently, the leaderships of the six staff gave the tutor messages to wish them to rise to a higher level in work. Finally, the general manager made a summary of the promotion ceremony.

During the ceremony, there were applause, tears, laughter, thanks and blessings. They thanked the company for a broad platform to show themselves and thanked the company for the opportunity to grow. Promotion is not just an increase in remuneration, more is meant to increase the responsibility. As a manager, they should not only to do their own daily work, but also to lead the team to work hard to maximize the value of company.

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