Quality Squad

Sinorock®’s Quality Squad

Product quality is the cornerstone of brand value. Quality reflects the technical content and culture of an enterprise, and represents the credibility and image of an enterprise.

In order to gain a thorough understanding of the quality control process and to improve the quality control cognition of staff, Sinorock hereby established the quality squad. Under the leadership of the quality department staff, sixteen members from various departments of the company are personally involved in the operation of the quality control system. During the two days study and training, although the weather was hot, the sweat ran down like raindrops when standing in the factory, the members still learned with enthusiasm, actively asked questions and took notes. After the study and training, members shared thoughts of quality control learning.

Quality is the first factor for the survival and development of an enterprise, and the quality of the product is related to the survival of the enterprise. Quality control is divided into incoming quality control, input process quality control and outgoing quality control, these three aspects are closely related. Only by taking every step and doing every control step, can we effectively offer high quality products for customers, gain the trust of customers and use the quality to walk in the forefront of the world, seize the market.

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