Sinorock®’s Outward Bound Training

Sinorock®’s Outward Bound Training

The Mid-autumn Festival is one of Chinese traditional cultural festivals, is the symbolization of reunion day. The day before, Luoyang Sinorock Engineering Material Co., Ltd. held Outward Bound Training, which aimed to enhance all staffs’ cooperative consciousness and team spirit.

Through complex and arduous team projects, our mutual trust, understand, tacit agreement and cooperation had got greatly promoted. We found ways when facing difficulties, we shouldered responsibility when facing punishment. Because we are a team, we can’t leave any member, otherwise, failure will finally belong to us.

As for developing company, sense is the same. Every department composes our big family. Only common target and effort, can group strength be released, and our company will be developed constantly.

As for company’s training, knowledge and skill are tangible capital, will and spirit are invisible power. Outward Bound Training is a form with security and fun. When relaxing body and mind, our potential got enhanced, confidence got exploited, persistence of overcoming difficulties got cultivated, responsibility and sense of participation got increased, interpersonal relationship got improved.

Let team strength drive company’s development, Sinorock® can develop better and better.

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