Rock Would Be Weak

Rock Would Be Weak, It Needs Anchor Bolt

If you don’t have personal experience, you wouldn’t believe that rock would be weak!

When after-sale team of Sinorock® provided technological guidance at construction site, they saw that caved rock flowed like water and realized the weakness of rock. The same time, they deeply understood the necessity of strong supporting for rock under that condition. Especially, when you stood in tunnel site, the feeling could be more deeper. The rock cracked and collapsed only in a flash.

Under such tough condition, our after-sale team saw that anchor bolts, produced by Sinorock®, were still supporting the broken rock under its big pressure and the anchor bolts were unbroken. At that moment, they were so proud of what they did and firmly insisted their mission to insist on producing high quality self drilling hollow anchor bolt, be guardians of geotechnical engineering, making engineering construction more safe !

In the process of engineering construction, the self drilling hollow anchor bolt produced by Sinorock® can provide the necessary supporting to guarantee the project. In addition, the unique structure of hollow anchor bar can help us to combine the drilling, grouting and anchoring together, which is more convenient and efficient.

In Sinorock®, the quality of productions always be the first element. We hope to provide high-quality productions for more projects in future and make people’s life happier.

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