Quality Month Activity Summary in Sinorock®

Quality Month Activity Summary in Sinorock®

Quality Month Activity of Luoyang Sinorock Engineering Material Co., Ltd. has lasted two months and it was ended on August 1st. Summary conference was carried out at Luoyang Factory and Changzhou Company simultaneously. During activities in this period, staffs participated actively and made delectable achievement.

In general, Quality Month Activity is divided into three stages: propaganda and mobilization stage, popularization and implementation stage, evaluation and summary stage. Main activities are concentrated in the second stage. Through all kinds of activities from every department, all staffs’ quality consciousness has got enhanced obviously.

Major activity projects are following: training and learning of quality files, analysis and improvement of quality problems, competition of staffs’ skill, practice of production quality control (incoming, input and output) and perfection of technology, quality standard, etc.

Compared with Quality Month Activity last year, the biggest difference is not
reflected in activities’ form, but promotion of consciousness: quality refers to not only product’s quality, but also service quality and work quality of everyone.

End of Quality Month Activity doesn’t mean stagnation of quality level. On the contrary, it is an alert for us. We will guarantee our product quality and work quality at any time to provide most valuable products and service for our customers.

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