Quality Month Activities in Sinorock®

Quality Month Activities in Sinorock®

It was about half a month since inauguration of quality month activity on June 24, now let’s review its process and required results.

Main activities are: training of institution knowledge, skill competition and drawing check, etc.

1. Training of institution knowledge: mainly focuses on production process and quality control process of self drilling anchor bolt. Incoming quality control, input process quality control, and outgoing quality control run through whole production process. Products’ quality reflects on every detail during production process.

2. Skill competition: mainly focuses on workers’ actual operation capacity. Through self inspection and mutual inspection, workers try to find self shortcomings and absorb others’ advantages, which aim to promote working efficiency and improve products’ quality.

3. Drawing check: carried out by Technology Center, to inspect Luoyang Factory, Purchase Department and Quality Department, which aims to standardize production operation and decrease loss during production process.

It’s a good beginning that staffs in Sinorock took an active part in activities during this quality month. Their quality consciousness has got obvious improvement, capacity of self inspection and mutual inspection is promoted gradually.

Paying attention to quality and details, can Sinorock be in an invincible position during fierce market completion.

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