Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Annual Christmas is spreading from most corners of the world. About this festival, legends are various, customs are different and even climatic environment is quite different in north and south hemispheres. Just like Chinese Spring Festival, Europeans and Americans have the atmosphere of festive gaiety and pay attention to family reunion.

Christmas is the biggest religious festival for Christianity, which is used to commemorate birth of Jesus and, churches of Jesus Christ in the world always hold special liturgies. Exchanging gifts, sending Christmas cards, decorating Christmas trees and having Christmas dinner have made this festival full of lively atmosphere.

New movies will be shown during Christmas, which guarantees box office every year. Broadcast and TV will also arrange Christmas thematic programs and Christmas Songs. So, as for countries who celebrating Christmas Festival, it is the biggest economic incentive once a year.

As a relaxing and family reunion festival, nowadays, Christmas has more and more extensive influence. Luoyang Sinorock Engineering Material Co., Ltd. wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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