A Fire Drill in Luoyang Factory of Sinorock

A Fire Drill in Luoyang Factory of Sinorock®

To increase staffs’ consciousness of fire safety, cultivate ability of fire extinguish, evacuation and self-salvation and enhance ability of organization, all staffs in Luoyang Factory of Sinorock held a fire drill at 5:00 p.m.of November 20, 2015.

As the saying goes: fire and water show no sympathy to men. If a burning match or an unextinguished cigarette end was thrown away, it may bring great disaster and irreversible loss.

Now, our consciousness of fire prevention is not enough, we think fire hazard is far from us. But once fire occurs, how can we put fire out, escape timely and reduce the loss to minimum? People know little about it. Only passing though it personally, can we realize what to do correctly. So fire drill is significant for everyone.

The staffs in Luoyang factory of Sinorock organized and studied fire safety knowledge earnestly and exercised skills to escape safely by using their rest time. It includes:

1. Knowing and mastering the procedure of dealing with sudden fire hazard.

2. Operating fire extinguishers correctly.

3. Simulating to raise a fire alarm and refine our language.

4. Providing primary aids for injured person.

5. Escaping fire scene and seeking self-rescue.

Fire safety management is an effective way for eliminating hidden danger of fire. As a company, we should take fire control work as an important task, strengthen management, research new method and insist on principle of combining prevention with fire fighting.

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