Stainless Steel Anchor Bolt

Stainless Steel Anchor Bolt


Stainless steel anchor bolt adopts alloy steel materials and has super-high anti-corrosion effect. It is suitable for several complex and weak geological conditions and it can be kept 120 years without maintenance.


1.Good anti-corrosion quality and antioxidant activity.
2.High temperature oxidation resistance, resisting fire at a certain extent.
3.Stainless steel has good strength and high wear resistance.
4.Its anti-corrosion and resistance to chloride is prior to other coating re-bars due to its repairing oxide layer.

Technical data:

Size Effective Cross Sectional
Area mm2
Ultimate Load KN Yield Loa (KN) Weight(Kg/m) Thread Standard
R32N 396 210 100 3.5 ISO10208
R32S 488 280 150 4.1 ISO10208

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